Picture of hurricane damaged tile roof

When running a hotel, there are risks to the business, and you have to place a certain amount of trust in customers that they’ll treat the property well. While some incidents and accidents are preventable, we don’t have control over things like natural disasters. When these occur, it leads to huge financial loss and important conversations with the insurance provider.

A short while ago, Hurricanes Harvey and Irma caused heartache for hoteliers across the south coast. As well as suffering damage through the hurricanes themselves, there was also the threat of rain and the impact this could have on the recovery process.

At Cannella Legal, the biggest problem we see is the lack of policy understanding. For most hotel owners, insurance is something they know they need. However, they’re generally happy to grab any policy off the shelf without really understanding what’s covered, what happens in the event of a fire or natural disaster, and whether they will receive their claim.

With hotel insurance especially, there are all sorts of clauses that can exist within a policy. After a natural disaster, hotel owners should be looking to mitigate further damage or else suffer the consequences when the adjuster visits. As an example, as long as you’ve taken photographs that show the extent of the damage, it’s up to you to remove water from the lobby otherwise mold and mildew will start to show.

In some cases, hoteliers think they need the adjuster’s approval to fix things. Take photos, get your evidence, and then do all you can to prevent further damage. If the insurance company is making things difficult after a claim, feel free to tap into our expertise at Cannella Legal!