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After paying an insurance premium every single month for a number of years, it can be frustrating when providers are only willing to pay a certain amount. After damage in your home, you need money to make repairs and replace insured items, so why aren’t they paying when you’ve been a loyal customer? In fact, some cases will even see the homeowner’s insurance company deny the claim completely.

In 2018, JD Power surveyed insurance customers and asked how many were happy with their provider and how a claim was handled. As the results came in, around 86% said that they were happy. Although this seems like a high percentage, it also means that 14% were unhappy. Out of every 100 consumers, 14 are unhappy with how their claim was handled. Unfortunately, there’s nothing to stop you falling into the group who are left frustrated.

Challenging an Insurance Provider

When insurance claims are denied, some people will accept this as their luck and fork out their own money for repairs. Considering the insurance provider probably has a huge team of lawyers and adjusters, this might make you feel nervous or as though achieving a positive result would be impossible. However, this isn’t the case.

At Cannella Legal, we have the passion and determination to help your case. If you’ve been paying your premiums and you think you deserve acceptance with your claim, we would love for you to get in touch.

Over the years, we’ve been unfortunate enough to witness many people losing out on valuable money. If we step into the minds of an insurance company for a moment, they only ever have one thing on the mind; profit. Regardless of whether we’re talking about car insurance, van insurance, homeowner’s insurance, or any other type, the provider will be looking to protect their profit.

While some poor individuals will only be offered a small percentage of their claim, others will be denied completely. This isn’t right, and it’s time to fight for change in the industry.

Benefits of Choosing an Insurance Claim Trial Lawyer

Why should you consider taking on the might of an insurance company? Why should you seek the assistance of a lawyer? Let’s take a look at just some of the reasons;

Experience - Firstly, we assume that this is new ground for you, and you don’t really know where to start? Fortunately, a service like our own at Cannella Legal understands how this area of law works. If you choose to partner with an attorney, they’ll know what should and shouldn’t be done in the coming weeks.

Appeals Process - It’s true, you could appeal on your own and attempt to fight the denial. However, an insurance claim trial lawyer will know the difference between a good and a brilliant appeal. If insurance bad faith was used against you, there could even be an opportunity to file a lawsuit.

Patience - When you go it alone, you’ll be in a rush to recuperate the money. When the insurance provider uses their stalling tactics and tries to slow everything down, this could lead to you accepting a lower payment than you deserve. With an attorney, they’ll know all about the strategies that insurance companies use (we’ll talk about the payment process later and why this is beneficial!).

Resources - At Cannella Legal, we have the resources to provide you with the help you need. As soon as an insurance provider knows that you can’t pursue a court case, you’re never going to get the money you require.

Insurance Provider Legal Obligations

If you’re still wondering why you should work with professionals, you’ll be glad to hear that insurance companies will be forced to pay all attorney fees if the case is settled or if the judge decides in your favor. With this in mind, as long as the case is successful and you were wrongly denied, the insurance company will be responsible for paying our fees…not you.

Depending on the strength of your case and the likelihood of recovering money, we can have a discussion about potential action. If we happen to take on your case with confidence only to then fail, you won’t have to pay for our costs.

As you can see, choosing us is a win-win scenario and this is why we’re trying to spread the message far and wide. If you believe you’re owed money through a homeowner’s insurance claim, contact us today for a consultation.

Preparation is Vital

In most cases, insurance companies take advantage of homeowners because they; a) don’t believe you have the knowledge or experience to challenge them and b) they don’t expect you to seek legal help. Sadly, they’re right with the second one because most people don’t contact an attorney. If more policyholders would challenge their claims and denials, the insurance companies would have to start taking responsibility for their actions.

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Whether we reach a settlement or see the case all the way through to court, we can help. As your insurance claims lawyer, we have the experience, knowledge, and resources you need. After paying your premiums on time and in full every month, don’t let the insurance provider get away with bad practices.

For a consultation and a discussion regarding damage to your home and the lack of support from the provider, call our number or fill in a contact form; it would be our privilege to help!