After receiving some form of damage that should have been covered with your insurance policy, is your provider now refusing to pay the amount you’re claiming? Perhaps they’ve denied the payment altogether and now you’re left trying to find money for repairs?

If you can relate to either of these scenarios, we want you to know that all is not lost just yet. Fortunately, it’s possible to file a claim either by yourself or with the assistance of an attorney. Although this might not surprise you, we recommend the latter and we’re going to find out exactly why below.


To start the process, you’ll have a consultation with your chosen attorney. During this stage, you can explain the situation, every step you’ve taken so far, and the response from the insurance provider. The more information we have during this stage the better because it allows us an opportunity to create an appeal.

Whatever excuses the insurance company has provided, let us know. In most cases, they’re just trying to preserve their profits as opposed to having a genuine reason to deny the claim.

Filing a Complaint

Before this step, we recommend getting in touch with your agent or the claims department of your provider. If you’re unhappy with the valuation provided by the adjuster, you might be able to get a second estimate. Sometimes, adjusters can make mistakes and you might be able to resolve the situation with a second, more accurate estimate.

If the second estimate doesn’t help, and the cost of an independent appraisal would be too high, that’s when we get involved. Assuming the claim amount is high enough, we can file a complaint which essentially suggests that the repair job has been undervalued or that you’ve been denied unfairly.

Cannella Legal

When choosing an attorney, you need a service with experience and knowledge of how the claims dispute process works. At Cannella Legal, we’re able to avoid the unscrupulous behavior of the insurance provider while compiling an appeal/complaint that strengthens your case. In most cases, we’re able to reach a settlement or get a positive ruling from the judge in court.

Either way, an attorney can help since they spend each and every day around claim disputes with homeowner’s insurance!